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Name: Dark Horse Books
Run By: [profile] death_mage 
Fandom: OC
Open to the Public: Limited, anyone is welcome to drop in and browse the book collection, however the rare book room, specializing in real magic and supernatural lore is only open to those who Mr. Keigwin okays personally.

Dark Horse Books is scheduled to open in a few days on a quiet corner of Ashley St in Beverley Hills. Its owner, a reclusive British nobleman, is never seen in the store during the day, but often stays until just before dawn. The bookstore itself is run by employees of Mr. Keigwin. During the day, the main area of the bookstore is open to the public from 10 am until 4 pm. After dark, however, Mr. Keigwin arrives and opens not only the main area, but also a rare book room, specializing in books of magic and supernatural lore that are too real to be sold in any major bookstore.

If you are looking for any old or rare book, be it fiction or non-fiction, this is the place to go. What Mr. Keigwin doesn't personally have, he is able to find via internet and assorted contacts. He also does book restorations. What you won't find? Romance novels. He hates them and refuses to sell them.

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